Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that – thoughts. 

~Allan Lokos

Anxiety & Depression

Are you feeling down, empty, or hopeless? Do you have low energy or problems sleeping? Are you isolating yourself from your friends and family?

All of these are common indicators of depression. Depression can greatly impact our lives at work, school, and home. Together in therapy we can help you find yourself again, so that you can re-engage in your life and relationships. We are committed to helping you feel better about yourself, learn new healthy coping mechanisms and identify the patterns and triggers in your life.

Anxiety is usually seen through feelings of stress and worry in your life. Are you feeling agitated, irritated or fearful? Anxiety disrupts our relationships, home and work life. Together we will work on identifying situations that cause you anxiety and help you manage these feelings and find better ways of coping through them. This will most likely involve challenging some of our fears and identifying maladaptive patterns and rigid rules in our lives.



Have you recently been exposed to a traumatic event which has resulted in you feeling fearful, stuck, helpless and/or hopeless? Do you re-experience this traumatic event (e.g. - dreams, recollections, illusions)? Do thoughts of the event cause serious anxiety and/or distress and do you try to avoid stimuli associated with the event? If so, together we will work on creating a safe and nurturing environment and help you connect with yourself at a deeper level of meaning.


Grief, Loss & Bereavement

Have you lost someone or something that you care deeply about? Are you in pain over this loss? Are you feeling all sorts of difficult emotions (e.g., shock, disbelief, sadness, fear), that you are unsure how to handle? These are normal reactions to grief, loss or bereavement. Together we will work on helping you find healthy ways of coping with your grief. The grieving process is different for everybody and takes time. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. I will be their to support you, and help you connect with yourself and society.  When you are ready, we will work on facing your feelings, expressing them and helping you to identify your triggers.



Has your life been impacted by your substance use? Has there been a change in your social, occupational or recreational activities? Are you suffering from tolerance or withdrawal symptoms? Are you unable to control your substance use? These are common signs that you may be dealing with an addiction? Together in therapy we will identify your triggers and help you find healthier ways of coping with your struggles. This will be done by helping you connect with yourself and identify your expectations for others, yourself and the world.

Relationship Problems, Divorce & Separation

Are you and your partner arguing all the time? Are you feeling resentment, anger and disappointment in your relationships? Are you going through or thinking about separation and divorce? Here at Tranquility Therapy and Counselling we can help you build healthy boundaries, equalize power imbalances, teach you healthier and more congruent ways of communicating with others and yourself. We want to help you find a healthy balance in your life and get to a place where you can express yourself freely and directly to others. 


Eating Disorders

Are you struggling with fear over gaining weight or becoming fat? Are you using food to cope? Are you feeling empty and lost and struggling with poor self esteem? Together we can help you find yourself by challenging your irrational beliefs, looking at your unrealistic expectations and helping you find healthy ways to cope with your feelings, desires and yearnings. We will also work on repairing your connection with your inner and outer self, which will ultimately help you gain self confidence.



$130- Individual Counselling

$160- Couples Counselling

$180- Family Counselling


* Sliding scale available

** No shows or last minute cancellations (failure to give 24 hours notice) will be charged the full session fee



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VISA and debit NOT currently accepted